Common Types Of Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents or motor accidents frequently occur in any roads and different situations. Different types of automobile accidents take place on the roads depending on the intensity of the crash and also based on how the collision takes place. Accidents occur on a traffic road, parking lot or in your neighborhood and result in serious injuries to people. The New York car accidents statistics reveal that there is a huge increase in deaths due to motor accidents in the recent years. The link lists the rate of road accidents of various countries all over the world.

The article gives an overview of the different types of automobile accidents that occur on roads. It also details about the types of injuries that occur due to the motor accidents.

This type of accident occurs when the vehicle flips on the road and roll over on its side or roof. This is the type of major accident which is caused due to uncontrolled speed, alcohol consumption, etc. The vehicle may roll over on the road even due to the bad road conditions. This type of crashes can result in severe injuries. The vehicle type decides the intensity of injury caused to the people. Single vehicle crashes mostly cause rollover accidents. A vehicle with a high center of gravity is prone to rollover accidents. This type of accidents looks frightening as it causes serious injuries. Rollover accidents cause spinal cord injuries and brain damage.

Single Car Accident
This type of automobile accident is caused by only one vehicle. This type of accident is caused due to an off-road collision, rollovers, collision with debris, animals, etc. The injury caused due to a single car accident depends on the speed of the vehicle. This accident can lead to fetal death when the single-vehicle hits the pedestrians on the road.

Rear End Collision
This type of accident is common in heavy traffic conditions. This accident type occurs where a vehicle hits the other vehicle in front of it. Mostly these types of accidents are caused due to high speed, sudden brakes, distracted drivers, and unfavorable road conditions caused due to bad weather. The injury caused due to rear-end collision is minor and does not result in fatal injuries.

Side Impact Collision
This is the type of accident which is caused when the vehicle collides with other vehicle or fixed object on its side. This can cause serious injury to the driver or passengers depending on the impact of the collision. Sometimes side impact collision results in severe injuries which can also result in death.

Head On Collision
This type of accident occurs when two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction hit each other. This can cause serious damage to the passengers, drivers and the people on the road. The accident can also cause the death of the passengers. The crash makes it impossible to the use the vehicle again. Uncontrolled traffic is the main reason for this type of accident. By following proper traffic rules, one can avoid a head-on collision type of crashes.

The above are the various types of accidents caused by automobiles or vehicles on the road.

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